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Jon Jones Test Positive For Turinabol

In the athletic world, steroids consumption and abuse do not sound new to the ears.

Time and again, many names have made huge controversies over the use of illegal substances followed by conviction and strict punishments for the acts.

UFC’s Jon Jones tested positive for steroids

This time it was Jon Jones, a name that needs no introduction for the diehard followers of UFC.

Jon Jones, the man who has significant achievements under his belt turned out to be great a disappointment for his fans after being tested positive for anabolic steroids.

According to the sources, the two-time Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC has withdrawn from his title as a penalty for breaching the UFC’s anti-steroid rules.

On top of that, the outcome of the fight has been declared to ‘no contest’ and the belt has been returned to his rival.

The sources further confirmed that the test was conducted prior to his UFC 214 fight with Daniel Cormier to which the mixed martial artist triumphed over the former Olympian wrestler and won UFC light heavyweight title for the second time.

As revealed by his reports, Jones was on Turinabol that is a synthetic steroid hormone in nature.

The substance is generally considered as a performance enhancer for it has the ability to increase bone strength to a greater level.

It is interesting to note that the use of Turinabol, the anabolic androgenic steroid has been particularly common amongst the athletic group.

Likewise, Jon’s involvement in steroids did not come out unexpected.

As a matter of fact, his name was already drawn in the past when he did not pass a test by USADA, considering which; many believed that he may face a 4 year ban this time.

Basically, the 30 years old served a year suspension owing to violating the anti-drug rules before UFC 200 and so, it was his return to the ring with Cormier.

Jones 2 Headlines UFC 200

However, things turn unfavorable for him soon after his results came ‘unclean’!

The substances found in his samples were letrozole and clomiphene, which indicate that Jon was on steroids at the time of his fight.

Similar to Turinabol, letrozole and clomiphene are considered dangerous for human health and hence, their usage is prohibited for people in general.

Letrozole is a very strong AI possessing anti-estrogen properties.

While the steroid is a proven drug for women with breast cancer, it can augment the making of testosterone by boosting two essential hormones, FSH and LH in men.

At times, patients with low testosterone are treated through a drug like this, yet, the consumption of Letrozole is not considered safe by and large.

Jon Jones lands an elbow hit as Daniel CormierOn the other hand, clomiphene is another illegal agent the purchase and use of which is considered a crime.

Clomiphene was introduced to help women conceive as it holds the power to address problems related to fertility.

And as all the anabolic steroids are misused for mass and strength gaining purposes, likewise, Clomiphene is commonly used by men in sports.

Essentially, the drug leaves a very major influence on the production of testosterone, which of course, is heavily favorable for men in need of extra power inside and outside the field.

Even though, Jon was tested positive each time, yet, he and his team members have always responded in denial.

According to them, the fighter had consumed some tainted sex pill that has led to such changes in his tests.

On the other hand, Jones too, has always remained firm on his statements when questioned or targeted for his defiance behaviors.

Daniel Cormier defends as Jon Jones movesOf late, while one of his fans pleaded him to speak the truth on a social media platform, the fighter swore on his family asserting to be always straight and ingenuous about himself.

Well, considering all the other ‘non-steroidal’ controversies surrounding the vigorous and enthusiastic Jon, we do not feel convinced with his words!

As of now, he has stripped of his title and we are sure of that!

Does Connor Murphy Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Connor Murphy is the most professional bodybuilder and YouTube Prankster. He is from the United States and Texas and he had started his career as an amateur bodybuilder.

He is a young man and has an interesting personality.

Connor Murphy Steroids

He is also very famous as the YouTube personality and has started amateur bodybuilder.

Murphy is well known for his motivational posts on Instagram and other social media platforms and the content is mildly entertaining. He initially posted his video on social media platforms related to body transformation.

Connor has achieved success through hard work and determination. Murphy has more than 500k followers on Instagram.

Murphy has a very ripped, vascular, and defined shape. The physique is very noticeable his Chest, Tris, Delts, Back, and Arms in proportion.

In the year 2016, he took the stage of NPC Dallas Europa Games Mens and also rewarded a third place in the contest.

Connor attracts many girls to getting ripped and shredded. He has attracted a lot of people through social media.

Connor Murphy has 512K followers on Instagram and 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

He makes up around $15k per month from his YouTube.

He has an amazing physique and looks better.

Is he completely natural or use steroids?

The fitness Industry and bodybuilding industry are changing day by day.

The young bodybuilders and personalities in the bodybuilding and fitness communities are promoting their physique to get rewards.

The most of the bodybuilders said that everyone can train hard and smarter that is true.

There are many factors who play a role to develop a physique such as eating a healthy diet, genetics, and train yourself.

The steroid users easily build up their physique within 3 years of the time period.

Is there any physical sign of steroid use?

Conor Murphy Athlete Statistics
  • Height of the body: 6’2’’
  • Weight of the body: 200lbs

200lbs is natural for the competition. He is over 205 pounds and has competed on the stage. Maybe he is obviously natural, because of his weight around 165lbs when he is lean.

A man with this height and weight can naturally build up to 197lbs or 88kg.

Connor Murphy Steroids Accusations

Connor earns fame of a lot of people as well as steroid accusations.

Connor Murphy bodybuilding

So, these accusations are right or whether they are an incorrect?

There are many anabolic steroids are available online in which the bulking, cutting, and increased the performance.

Some of the physique is very impressive due to the result of diet, and trainings that are incredibly awesome.

Connor Claimed As Natural

Connor Murphy has mentioned in his YouTube video that he never used steroids and claimed as natural.

It seems like that he looks calm and telling the truth.

Generally, the steroid users are avoiding social media interviews and interaction as well.

It is a common sign that everyone facing steroid accusations when they have the very defined physique.

There are many famous individuals who have lied about their status, whether they are natural or steroid user like David Laid.

Some of the bodybuilders always pretend to tell their status natural, but they are not actually.

Connor Murphy has very good genetics and blessed with great genetics.

It is a strong indicator and honest like build up the physique and genetic factor.

Composition Of The Body

If we look at the composition of the body, so there are many signs of steroid users such as flushed skin, thin skin, increased vascularity and the flushed skin.

The Trenbolone users and Winstrol users are easily spotted because they have more dryer look. The shoulders are weak as compared to his biceps and triceps.

The roid user’s shoulders are different from each other when they begin cycling because there are high numbers of receptors are found in the androgen so there are more chances to increase the muscle growth and muscle groups as well.

The muscular look smoother which is a natural sign. The muscles do not have more retention of water and not as dry.

Another most significant signs are moon face, flushed skin, steroid bloating, shoulders, and abdominal veins.

If we look at his pictures so It seems like natural growth without the use of any illegal steroid.

Connor Murphy Transformation

In order to know about the steroid status, it is important to look at the changes in his body with respect to the duration of time.

Connor Murphy transformation

When he was 17 years old, so his pictures are looking natural. After that, we never find any picture with a gap of three years, it seems like that he loses his motivation an interest.

After 3 years of a time period, the first video of Connor Murphy is much stronger and greater physique ever.

We are not saying that this is impossible to obtain, but it is definitely very impressive.

Gain Timeline

The Connor’s gain timeline looks natural. If we look at his gain timeline, his weight is 185lbs when he was 17 years old.

After one year, he has gained 20lbs more to bulk up the range around 205lbs.

When a person completed his newbie gain so the growth becomes limited, but in the Conor’s case he maximizes his 20lbs.

Connor has gained lean muscle and body fat. It is very reasonable to gain 20lbs. 5-10lbs are considered as normal through triple your training and to blow up.

5-10lb are normal and going to blow up.

The Drug Testing (Competition History)

Connor Murphy has competed in Men’s physique with the NPC.

Usually, the anabolic steroids test is up to the standard and everyone can easily pass this drug test.

They have conducted a steroid test on the specific date: There are more chances to cheat these random tests throughout the year.

While, legit natty conducts the test any random time throughout the year.

Connor’s competed in the NPC does not mean that he is a steroid user.

There are not any genuine federations around the World who run an accurate test, but these organizations are very few in numbers.

Workout Training

The Connor full body workout, genetics, and little volume are playing a role to jacked.

Murphy has started his training with some basic exercises like bench press, squat, overhead press, and bent over row.

He has gained 65lbs for bulking. Connor Murphy workout training consists of full body workout for 45 minutes.

If he wants to participate in the modeling career and a photo shoot so, he incorporated other exercises such as Isolation Exercises, Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, And Sit-Ups.

The basic exercises are bench press, bent over row, squat, and overhead press.

The other exercises are bicep curled, Sit-ups, and triceps extension.


Connor prefers excess intake of protein and slightly lower the carbohydrate consumption.

His measurement of protein is a gram per pound of the body weight.

Connor prefers the cutting and bulking diet.

The breakfast including steel cut oats, eggs, berries, and steel cut oats.

  • The lunch is included tuna, salad, and whole wheat pasta.
  • Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts consist of afternoon snacks.
  • Dinner is included in sweet potato, vegetables, and chicken.

The post workout meal is protein shake and cereal and evening meal consists of 4 whole eggs, vegetables, and turkey omelette.

The breakfast consists of a protein powder, eggs, berries, steel cut oats, lunch, berries, whole wheat pasta, afternoon snack, and whole wheat pasta.

The afternoon snack is included nuts, berries, Greek yogurt, dinner, sweet potato, and chicken.

The Post workout is included protein shake, cereal, evening meal, turkey omelet, vegetables, and whole eggs.


Connor Murphy has no any steroid system in his body and the gains are looking as natural.

connor murphy Steroids

We can say that he has very awesome genetics. Connor looks very amazing without his shirt

The same drive, greatness, and determination can play a role to achieve the greatness.

Turinabol – Benefits, Cycle, Results, Dosage and Side Effects

The professional bodybuilders, Wrestlers, and NFL players are using anabolic steroids and getting bigger in size.

The bodybuilder prefers Turinabol because it does not have aromatic effects.

What is Turinabol

To build up the muscle requires months of hard work and dedication. The long duration pushes individuals to select a short path that is obvious.

The anabolic steroids are always a perfect choice of participants to win the competitions.

But, the main point is that steroids are always loaded with harmful side-effects and develop unpleasant features in the body.

There are a lot of anabolic steroids. Today, I’m going to write a detailed review of the Turinabol.

Turinabol is a powerful steroid that is used in the bodybuilding during a steroid cycle.

Some of the guys rock due to incredible genetics while some take help from the steroids.

The combination of diet, steroids, and training help you to gain the faster.

Over the years, everyone likes to prefer drugs to fulfill the goals.

What Is Turinabol?

Turinabol is called as oral Turinabol or Tbol is a very powerful anabolic steroid for bulking that is derived from the pure testosterone.

Turinabol steroids
Turinabol 10mg oral Tbol

It is a unique steroid and no longer produces by pharmaceutical companies.

Albert Stachowiak is the inventor of this drug. In the year 1960, the GDR had developed many anabolic steroids, including the drug Oralturinabol.

You can say that it is a versatile steroid for boosting metabolism, increase muscle growth, and speed up the performance.

The women’s also prefer Turinabol because of less androgenic activity and lean gains. There are fewer chances of virilization.

Individuals prefer Tbol because Dianabol is harsh.

Turinabol is modified form of Dianabol.

There are a plenty of reasons to switch the dbol cycle to Tbol by athletes and bodybuilders to gain quality muscle mass.

The steroid is man-made and first, it was designed for the medical purposes.

In the year 1960, Turinabol was created to treat the bone-wasting diseases such as osteoporosis.

Turinabol plays an important role to boost up the mass of bone and density.

It is available in both oral and injectable forms.

The oral Turinabol rapidly excrete out from the system and tested as negative within a few days of the time period.

This is an attractive option for most of the bodybuilders and athletes.

The difference in injectable and oral form is that the injected form has less toxicity as compared to others.

What Is The Chemical Structure?

Some call the Turinabol as a young brother Methandienone. It is similar to the methane structure and additional chlorine in the 4-position.

It is the combination Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is a combination of Dianabol and Clostebol (4-Chlorotestosterone).

The Turinabol has sometimes named as “Mild Dianabol”.

Turinabol may suppress hypothalamus and enhance toxicity of the liver.

What Are The Benefits?

Turinabol is playing a role to enhance Performance for athletes table was prescribed to East German athletes for 20 years to perform better.

It increases the lean muscle mass and gained 8-12 lbs of quality muscle mass.

  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Stamina
  • Less Estrogenic Effects
  • Reduce Concentration Of SHBG-Globulin
  • Improved Level Of Free Testosterone In The Blood.
  • Protect Cardiovascular System

Why Bodybuilders Run Turinabol Cycle?

Turinabol steroids results
jon bones jones Turinabol positive results

The Turinabol steroid cycle has many benefits such as:

  • T-bol cycle gives you an amazing result.
  • Steroids are controlled substances in many sources.
1. Stimulate Muscle Growth

You can say that Turinabol is a type of bulking steroid because it is a modified version of Dianabol.

They can easily gain the 20 pounds of pure muscle mass in just one steroid cycle.

2. Ideal For Cutting

It is Ideal for both bulking and cutting phases.

Tbol is responsible for increasing the metabolism process to burn up the fat.

3. No Need Of Injections

Tbol is available in the oral form more commonly as compared to injection form.

The oral tablet is easily intake through the mouth.

By taking anabolic steroids through injection is fully complicated, contamination, and risk of infections.

According to some researches, oral steroids may be more toxic as compared to injectable forms.

The virilization symptoms are including deeper voice, enlarged clitoris, smaller breasts, disrupted menstrual cycle, and an unusual growth of hair.

How Long Turinabol Stay In Your System?

The half-life is very long around 16 hours per day. 5 days are enough for leaving steroids.

Turinabol Cycle
Cycle of Turinabol

This is important for the bodybuilders regarding drug test because 18 months and 12 months are detectable.

Injectable Turinabol may not detect in the urine tests, but modern blood tests may detect these steroids.

This compound takes time to detect from the system.

Turinabol was not screened in the 70’s and 80’s and it is allowed to use by the German athletes.

Thus, they are responsible for doping controls.

Turinabol Cycle And Stacking

The dosages cannot write without knowing the experience level of an athlete, type of anabolic steroids, androgenic effects, goals, and other factors.

It is recommended to begin your first cycle after consulting the specialist.

The starting dose of Turinabol for beginners should not exceed from the 40mg.

The optimal dose for Tbol is 10-20 milligrams.

The dosages of Turinabol should not exceed from 10-20 milligrams. The 6 weeks duration is enough to obtain the quality results liked speed, muscle mass, and performance without causing any bad effects.

You can stack the Turinabol with Deca-Durabolin because It has a short-half life.

The first anabolic steroid cycle is run to improve your athletic performance and physique as well.

Turinabol stacks with other anabolic steroids to enhance performance, increased Powerlifting, and cutting off excess fat.

The stacking oral Turinabol and oxandrolone is weak and recommended for women

You can stack the Turinabol with all those steroids, which are designed for bulking like Nandrolone, Methandrostenolone, And Testosterone.

If you want to make your gain reliable, so look for Dianabol cycle and testosterone cycle.

If you incorporate the Tbol for bulking so there are fewer chances to see the results, but If you are combining it with other steroids so the results are quite visible.

  • The Tbol is great to stack with other anabolic steroids for lean muscle gains.
  • You may get an amazing dry physique, lean gains, and powerful strength.
1. Simple Turinabol Cycle
Week 160 mg per day
Week 260mg per day
Week 360mg per day
Week 460mg per day
Week 560mg per day
Week 660mg per day
Week 760mg per day
Week 860mg per day
Week 9PCT
Week 10PCT
2. Turinabol With Sustanon 250
WeeksTurinabol Sustanon 250
Week 140mg per day500 mg per week
Week 240mg per day500 mg per week
Week 340mg per day500 mg per week
Week 440mg per day500 mg per week
Week 540mg per day500 mg per week
Week 640mg per day500 mg per week
Week 740mg per day500 mg per week
Week 840mg per day500 mg per week
Week 9PCT
Week 10PCT
3. Cutting Or Shredded Cycle
Weeks TurinabolTestosterone PropionateTrenbolone Acetate
Week 160mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 260mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 360mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 460mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 560mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 660mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 760mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 860mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 960mg per day350mg per week400mg per week
Week 1060mg per day350mg per week400mg per week

Turinabol Dosage

If you want to build up the muscle and cut down excess fat during a steroid cycle, so you need to know about proper dosages.

Turinabol dosages
Dosages of Turinabol

The Tbol dose depends upon the cutting goal and bulking goal, the maximum dose is between 70mg to 80 mg.

The duration of Turinabole cycle is 6 to 8 weeks.

The short cycle consists of higher dose while long cycle contains low dose.

The recommended dosage for the male is 20-50 milligrams per day and 2.5-7.5 milligrams per day.

You should not use the Turinabol when you have Inflammation of the prostate, atherosclerosis, prostate cancer or tumors, breast cancer, nephritic syndrome, inflammation of the kidney, raised cholesterol, and clotting or bleeding.

What are Turinabol Side Effects?

Turinabol may cause some nasty side effects if you abused it and use incorrectly.

You need to understand the correct knowledge of steroid cycle.

1. Estrogenic Side Effects

Like, Dianabol is responsible for producing the estrogenic effects, but it is not same with the case of Tbol.

There is some difference between the chemical structure of Turinabol and Dianabol.

Tbol is not associated to initiate estrogenic effects such as Gyno and Acne.

2. Mood Swings

Anabolic steroids may responsible for changing the mood. They are more prone to losing their temper.

It is responsible for changing the behavior. Turinabol is actually androgenic hormone means it affects the natural testosterone hormone in the body that may cause fluctuation in mood.

3. Oily Skin

It is most common sign that the Turinabol is associated to make skin oily.

The acne is annoying and uncomfortable. It is associated to produce oily and greasy skin so you can clean the skin with the help of clothes.

4. Masculine Characteristics In Women (Virilization)

Because the nature of Turinabol is androgenic so, it may produce some effects like hair growth, change in the jaw shape, and the growth of hair.

5. Liver Toxicity

Turinabol oral steroid is toxic to the liver. The liver is one of the vital organs of the body.

Because of this following nasty side-effects, you need to run PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) during a steroid cycle.

6. Risk Of Gynecomastia

Tbol does not include Aromatize effects into estrogen for developing the Gynecomastia.

If you want to run Tbol cycle, so it is important to run the PCT.

The common estrogen inhibitors are Clomid, Nolvadex, Tamoxifen.

Nolvadex is considered as the best compared to others, but some others may use another drug in combination to maximize the effects.

The rate of side-effects depend on the duration of cycles and amount of doses.

This drug is responsible for suppressing the testosterone secretion, erectile dysfunction, and development of premature ejaculation.

The other side effects are included:

  • Increased LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Decreased HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Loss of hair

You can manage it by balancing the hormones, avoid low and peaks, and reduce levels of stress in the liver.

Unfortunately, the bodybuilders may increase recommended ranges around 100 to 150 milligrams per day.

Importance Of PCT

If you want to maintain the gains after using Turinabol so, it is important to run the Post Cycle Therapy.

PCT cycle
8 week cycle of PCT Supplements

The PCT should always run whenever you use the anabolic steroids no matter how anabolic steroids are mild and harsh.

The T-Bol has the effect on your natural testosterone like it can suppress the natural testosterone production.

The low level of testosterone may decrease the volume and muscle mass.

The Nolvadex and Clomid are two drugs which can prevent your body from the harmful effects of testosterone.

Firs two weeks Clomid dose is 40mg and Nolvadex is 150mg, 3-4 weeks Clomid dose is 20mg and Nolvadex is 100mg and then 5-6 weeks Clomid dose is 10mg and Nolvadex is 50mg.

If you feel any type of fatigue, so run your PCT further for two weeks.

You must incorporate the supplements like N2 Guard for liver and kidney protection.

WeeksClomid dose Nolvadex dose

Along with PCT, you can eat more fatty fish, limit your intake of saturated fat, supplement with fish oil, increase cardio, reduce sugar intake, checked your cholesterol level, and do not stack with other types of supplement.

What Is The Legal Status Of Turinabol?

In the Golden Era, there were no any steroid scandals and people are not fully aware of the steroids side effects.

After the two decades, Tbol is considered as a controlled substance that is unsafe for human consumption.

The T-bol is classified as a Schedule III drug and controlled substances. Still, this drug is found in many supplements.

The steroid jail is at least 1 year of Prison and a $1,000 fine. Distribution of £250,000 fine for selling the steroids.

The Status Of Tbol Steroid In The Sport And Fitness
Turinabol uses
Use of Turinabol in Sports

The sportsman and athletes are always looking for steroids to enhance performance.

The athletes are using herb and many other compounds to win the achievements.

But there are several herbs as well as anabolic steroids are banned in sports and bodybuilding.

Jones has tested positive for Letrozole and Clomiphene which is commonly used for Post-Cycle Therapy.

Where Can You Buy Turinabol?

Turinabol is illegal to buy in the UK, US, and Canada. You must look for a place where you can buy it easily.

It does not legally sell somewhere, but If you want to buy the steroids so many peoples usually look for underground labs.

But, there is a risk of contamination.

The underground labs producing the Turinabol in oral and tablet form. The price is very cheap and alternatives.

Trade Names

The trade names are Turanabol, Turinabol, Tbol, Turanaxyl, Turan, T-Bolic, 4-Choloro, Turinalon, Turinasim, And Turinabolos.


The manufacturers for Turinabol are:

  • Alpha Pharma
  • APX Labs
  • Balkan Pharmaceuticals,
  • British Dragon
  • Berd Pharmaceutical
  • Golden Star Pharmaceuticals
  • Geneza Pharmaceuticals
  • Lixus Labs
  • Hubei Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmacom Labs
  • Medistar Labs


Safe And Legal Alternative Trenorol

If you want to gain the natural muscle without any risk so, I recommended Crazybulk Trenorol.

Buy Trenorol online

Trenorol is a dietary supplement by the Crazybulk that re-creates the androgenic effects of Trenbolone or bulking steroid.

It is the most versatile of steroid and plays a role to gain the muscle, increase strength, and power also.

The Trenorol consists of Samento Inner Bark, Beta-Sitosterol, Pepsin, And Nettle Leaf Extract.

The Trenorol works to increase nitrogen retention in the body.

More level of nitrogen and protein increase red blood circulation and oxygen circulation for enhancing workouts.

The followings are benefits:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved strength
  • Cut down excess fat
  • Increased vascularity
  • No need for prescription
  • Improved conditioning

The safe and legal alternative of Trenbolone or bulking steroid (Turinabol)

The product is safe and manufactured under the FDA. This steroid alternative helps you to achieve your desired body.

For more, you can visit official website.

Death Of Bodybuilders Due To Overdose Of Steroids

If anabolic steroids are good to give you the aesthetic physique simultaneously they are responsible for extreme side-effects or interfere with your health status.

Despite medical field, my blog is only focused the negativity of anabolic steroids in the sports and fitness.

Big Dead bodybuilders

The bodybuilding started to gain popularity in the late 1950’s an 1960’s as the title of Mr. Universe.

Some of the bodybuilders gained popularity like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lou Ferrigno.

As the bodybuilding field arises in the popularity, individuals or competitors are starting to struggle or hard working a lot.

They spent hours on the training, tearing their muscle through heavy lifting of weight. Because the training in a gym requires a lot of time as well as dedication so, they are going to adopt a short way to accomplish the goals.

Due to the best results, they are trying to take heavy doses for an effective result within a short period of time.

Steroids and the combination of the HGH, insulin, and extreme diets for a long period of time result in the damaged of livers, kidneys, and also affect the cardiovascular health.

Some of the bodybuilders remain normal because they are using the anabolic steroids within a normal range while the majority of bodybuilders feel sick and developed disease whereas, the severe cases result in the early death.

Rich Piana Death
Rich Piana

IFBB, Pro’s and even, professional bodybuilders are gearing.

As they are well known due to their aesthetic and becomes famous so, they are starting to take the heavy amount of anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormones as well.

It is most common that the competitors have already taken testosterone and some other compounds for the bodybuilding.

I’m not criticizing anyone for using anabolic steroids definitely, everyone is using drugs for boosting performance and to define their physiques.

Some of the crazy bodybuilders run steroid cycle that has overdosed on drugs.

All of this strongest passion and stupidity cause the loss of their precious life or death.

The only reason is that they have a strong passion towards their field and want to make their names as an example of aesthetic.

WatchOTC have written the real story of 5 famous celebrities and their journey of bodybuilding ended due to overdose of anabolic steroids.

1. Rich Piana

Rich Piana was an American bodybuilder, Mr. California champion, entrepreneur, actor, former bodybuilder and social media sensation.

Rich Piana Death
Rich Piana: the tragic celebrity bodybuilder who lost his life

He died at the age of 46-years old on August 25, 2017, in Florida, United States after inducing the coma for the two weeks

He was famous around the world due to the unique and massive look.

Rich Piana weight was over 290 pounds and 23, 5-inch arms.

The death reason of rich Piana is possibly steroids because there are almost 20 bottles of testosterone were found in his home.

Rich had the sign of steroid abuse such as hair loss, acne breakout, and unwanted weight gain.

Despite physical appearance and assumption, the autopsy report showed the cardiovascular disease.

Well, It is not hidden, that the Rich in his life openly talked about the use of anabolic steroids,  drugs, and the Insulin.

According to Florida’s District, the six medical examiners completed the autopsy report and reported the findings which are mentioned as below:

  • Enlargement of heart that is usually caused by any type of heart disease, mild coronary atherosclerosis in the plaque is starting to build up on the artery walls, fatty liver, congested thyroid, congested or discolored kidneys and ascites.
  • Ascites is a condition in which protein fluid is starting to accumulate in the abdomen.
  • Not only these organs, the brain is also affected like ischemic brain tissue lost the supply of blood, necrotic brain tissues are dead, and swelling of the brain.

Although, these all findings of autopsy reports, we cannot directly say the steroids because we don’t have the toxicology report.

2. Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian

The Aziz Shavershian AKA Zyzz, Az, and the epitome of the physique was an Australian Russian personal trainer who struggled a lot in his career and transformed from a skinny guy to muscle man.

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian death
bodybuilder Aziz Sergeyevich, Died in a Bangkok sauna

He is simply lifting the heavyweight in a gym for the aesthetic shape of the body.

Zyzz just transformed his body only four years of the time period.

Zyzz was famous in the social media like YouTube and the internet sensation.

He was a part of the YouTube series “National Road Trip”.

Zyzz death shock thousands of people around the world.

The post Mortem report shows an undiagnosed heart defect caused by a cardiac arrest.

He was found dead on August 5, 2011, in a sauna while on a trip in Pattaya, Thailand

The cause of death is a heart attack.

In Thailand, the hormones and Performance enhancing drugs are available at cheaper rates.

We can not say only steroids are the reasons for his death because the toxicology report of the Aziz Shavershian was not made public.

3. Dallas Mc Carver

Dallas Mc Carver was an American bodybuilder AKA big country, died on Monday, August 22, 2017, at his home in the Place Boca Raton, Florida And United States

Dallas McCarver Death
Dallas McCarver Dies After Reportedly Choking On Food

Before the day, he appeared to be fine and workout in a gym and posted videos on Instagram.

He was found unconscious after chating his girlfriend on the phone.

The cause of death is congestive heart failures (severe concentric left ventricular hypertrophy with coronary artery atherosclerosis).

The muscle wall of the left chamber of his heart is getting thickened result in the abnormal heart rhythm also called arrhythmia, the blockage causes a cardiac arrest or heart attack.

According to the autopsy report, there are six findings are observed such as the severe cardiomegaly, coronary artery atherosclerosis, hepatomegaly, heavy lungs, papillary thyroid carcinoma, hypertrophy of the kidneys, and minimal nephrosclerosis.

If we talk about the toxicology report, so the caffeine and marijuana were found in the Dallas system.

Usually, there is no any major effect of the weed on health and the fitness status.

The alcohol compound tested negative. The main highlight of the autopsy report is the chronic use of non-steroid hormones and the exogenous steroid.

Trenbolone is one of the main anabolic steroids that is most powerful and harsh on the system

It is an anabolic steroid that can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

The Dallas testosterone level was found 550ng/ml.

The abusing of testosterone result in the disturbance of androgenic and estrogenic level of the body.

The abuse of steroids and overdose combined with inactive lifestyles kill him at the very young age of only 26-years old.

Even, his steroid cycle is known as the “Death Cycle”.

4. Andreas Munzer

He had died 22 years ago in the month of may and his age was only 31 years old at that time.

Andreas Munzer Death
Death of Legendary Bodybuilder due to heavy dose of steroid cycle

Andreas Munzer who had a tragic death.

Andreas had participated in a lot of competitions and followed the low carbohydrate diet per year.

He has a very huge stacking of drug and supplement, for example, high dose of diuretics and the drugs to remove excess water from the body.

He was pretty amazing and showed off the most ripped body.

The heavy dose or steroid cycle result in the damaging of vital organs.

The adverse effects interfere with the normal function of organs or damage them, sometimes it may cause death.

The reason for his death is the multiple organ failures due to abuse of anabolic steroids for a long period of time.

The autopsy report revealed that Andreas body had very low percentage of the body fat.

According to the professor Carol Garber,  the men require at least 3% of the body fat, whereas the women need 12 percent of the body fat to avoid the development of serious complications.

The body fat plays an important role for a cellular function to use the energy and other vital functions.

5. Oli Cooney

Oli started the bodybuilding when he was only 16 years old.  He started the workout regimens to build up his physique.

Oli Cooney death
Oli Cooney death due to overdose of steroids

He has openly talked about the steroid use to develop his physique.

He was diagnosed with the chronic heart damage by a specialist.

After intake of anabolic steroids, Oli suffered from the 2 heart attacks and three strokes.

After the weakness with heart attacks and strokes, he responded well to the Physiotherapy.

He had tried to quit the anabolic steroids but, it was long-term steroid practice which has already damaged his heart.

Oli Cooney also returned to the gym after receiving a warning by doctors at the age of 18 years old.

He was collapsed after running back to a taxi in the month of September.

Oliver left his, mother, and overall world at the age of only 20 years old.


Buy Crazy Bulk Legal SteroidsThe bodybuilding sport is very good, but due to some individuals, the level is getting down.

The old school bodybuilding is much better than modern school bodybuilding because they refer to use alternative to anabolic steroids in a low dosage.

For maintaining the aesthetic while new one or beginners amazed by the steroids result and begins to abuse them.

Most of them have a lack of information about steroid cycle, so they run in their own way and ended with the drastic side-effects even, death.

So, it is important to think about your health because life is precious.

7 Best Steroids For Bodybuilding

It is considered that most of the bodybuilders are taking anabolic steroids for getting jacked and ripped appearance.

But, what they are actually taking in the reality to fulfill the desired goals?

best bodybuilding steroids for top bodybuilders

Means, they have 2 main stages i.e. Bulking And Cutting.

These both stages are really typical for the bodybuilders and they need to make many sacrifices throughout the journey.

You need to add up the more calories when your goal is to build up the muscle while you need to fight with your appetite when you want to burn up the excess fat from the body.

Top Steroids For Bodybuilders

WatchOTC have collected the 7 best steroids for bodybuilding after an extensive research.

These steroids, which we mentioned in this blog are really helpful to develop an aesthetic physique and achieve their goals in a short period of time, but you need to give your attention here that they can cause drastic effects.

Buy Crazy Bulk Legal SteroidsThere are many bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids for the bulking, cutting, and strength.

Not only bodybuilders, millions of people are taking steroid around the globe due to different reasons.

Some of them are using steroids after prescription to enhance the immune system.

Some of them are run very long cycles around a year and experience adverse effects.

Why are you worrying?

You don’t need to worry because, In the end, I have suggested you the best natural and legal alternative of these steroids.

So we are going to reveal the list of the best steroids 2018 for bodybuilding.

Best Steroids For Bulking

Bulking is the most crucial phase for the bodybuilders in which their aim is to put a lot of muscle in their body.

Bulking steroids for bodybuilders
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Steroids for Bulking

Simultaneously, they prefer too many calories to intake.

The best steroids for bulking are:

These five are considered as the best among the globe.

If you have to pick any two so, the Dianabol and Testosterone remain in the top.

These anabolic steroids are very popular and widely used by the bodybuilders during old school training.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had admitted Dianabol use during the bodybuilding, means you can say that Dianabol helps him to become Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia champion.

Deca is also a very powerful anabolic steroid but It takes a longer period of time to work as compared to Dianbol and Testosterone.

This makes less interest to users, However it can provide you the full gain.

The rest of the two Anadrol And Trenbolone are also good, but they are listed below because according to some professionals these steroids are more toxic to the body as compared to other anabolic steroids.

Moreover, they can cause the water retention and increase the liver toxicity.

You must regulate the check and balance during the cycle and incorporate the supplements to reduce the side effects.

If you want to complete muscle mass without any water retention so, testosterone and Trenbolone are suitable for you.

If you want to build up the muscle mass, so I recommend you Dianabol and Testosterone.

Despite bulking, they have other functions to perform, such as boost up the recovery time period, increased sex drive, improves bone density, protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and improve red blood cell count.

Best Steroids For Cutting

The cutting phase is rewarding for the bodybuilders. Most of the individuals are taking an interest in developing six Abs and physique like Helmut Sterbl.

Cutting steroids for bodybuilders
Zac Effron Bodybuilding Steroids for Cutting

The cutting steroids are widely used by the celebrities like Zac Efron to cut down the excess fat and to develop six Abs.

The overall mechanism of cutting phase is to burn up the excess fat, lean the body, and define the body.

With all of these, you are becoming more vascular.

Some of them are added the steroids in a cycle for reducing the water retention.

While following this phase, you need to limit the calorie count to get a leaner appearance.

The most popular steroids or first choice of clients are:

You may know, Clenbuterol is also used for cutting with stacking.

Although it is not the steroid but, as a stimulant like an Ephedra, It can stack with rest of anabolic steroids because it has an ability to burn up the fat.

It does not have an anabolic effect on man (testosterone) so, due to mild in nature, it can use by the females to shedding excess fat from the body.

Best Steroids For Strength

Well, the bodybuilders or the bodybuilding fans are looking for strength combined with cutting and bulking.

strength steroids for bodybuilders
The Rock Bodybuilding Steroids for Strength

They have selected the strength to increase an endurance level.

But this is a fact that the more muscles from the bulking steroid can give you the more strength.

Anadrol and testosterone are responsible for increasing the strength as well.

  • If this time to select the one bulking steroid so, It will be Dianabol.
  • If we have a decision to select any one cutting steroid so, it will be Anavar.

These both of the steroids are very beneficial and can be taken by beginners as well as professionals.

You can fulfill entire goals through these steroids.

You can stack more than 3 or 4 steroids in a cycle to boost up the result within a short period of time.


You can get the legal and natural alternative of these steroids in the Crazybulk.

Crazybulk offers the wide variety of supplements for cutting, bulking and strength.

Buy Steroids for bodybuildingThey are the leading seller of legal anabolic steroids worldwide and give the incredible gain without causing any side effects to their customers.

Their products are approved by the FDA that can give safety to your health.

These supplements can cause the gaining of 20lbs and decreased the percentage of body fat around 5%.

If you don’t about how to use these supplements so, go to the official website and learn about the cycles, dosage and read the user guide.

I can say with my 100% confident that these legal steroids are providing you the result similar to anabolic steroids without causing any side effect.