Effects of Steroids in Youth

Steroid’s Consumption by Youths to look good- Entered in the UK

This is a huge news for the people of the UK as The British Cardiovascular Society has warned young people about the steroids induced life-threatening conditions.

Steroids use by youth

This is aiming the young men who are seeking potential ways to maximizing their physique, mostly muscle gain.

Multi-Thousands of men are on a verge of cardiovascular events such as Heart Attack due to the steroid abuse.

The misuse of steroid brings heart-related conditions and strokes along with infertility in men and severe mood swings.

In just a one year, the use of steroids in the UK has increased by an overwhelming 400%.

The superstars are the main reason why so many youths choosing the steroids preference since they idolize their bodybuilding starts and wants to look like them.

In the UK, here you can use steroids without a felony, but you cannot supply them.

Home Office Crime Survey has gathered the report of about 19,000 men aged from 16-24 started using bodybuilding drugs in the past year.

The increase in steroid use has reached the maximum limit which they have never witnessed before in all these years.

But that’s a personal decision for anyone to make if they are going easy with steroid use.

Many people were prescribed steroids by the physician under safe conditions, but this substance is being sold illegally in a huge quantity through many concealed dealers.

As an example, we can take Gareth Jenkins, who is male, 29 years old, Gareth has been using steroids for 5 years to increase his muscle mass. So far he has achieved an ideal body size but doctors still recommended some tests on it.

According to him, it’s his personal decision and since he does not smoke or drink so it’s alright.

risk of heart diseases

After putting him under many medical checks, doctors discovered that his heart wall has inflamed/thickened so much that he is only some courses away from a heart attack.

In medical, this is generally known as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy where the wall of the ventricles gets thickened which blocks the proper blood flow on a continuous basis unless treated.

Steroid misuse can invite dangerous conditions like heart attack, stroke, loss of libido and severe mood swings.

Men like Gareth should know about the complexity of their conditions, that they are only a step away from sudden cardiac death.

According to the UK’s official government statistics, there are about 60,000 steroids users in the UK, this is more than the heroin abusers.

The correct figure would definitely be more than this, however many men prefer to buy them from the gym or online shop where they get it at a way cheaper price

Steroids are the synthetic hormone which mimics the effects of some natural hormones especially Testosterone which men takes in tablets or injection form.

Injectable steroids are way much harmful than the oral ones since they do not have to go through the first path of metabolism.

So the chances of sudden death or heart attack are more in people who take steroid via injections.

The substance comes under the Class C drug which makes them legal for use, but that doesn’t mean it won’t harm anyone.

Side Effects of Steroids

Side effects of Anabolic Steroids include high blood pressure, infertility, extreme aggression, mood swings, cardiovascular diseases and much more are to being studied.

steroids side effects

The proper mechanism of action of steroids is still unclear.

Regular use of injectable steroids can cause serious changes in metabolism and heart functions.

Not to mention the compound also affects significantly the performance of vital organs such as brain and kidney.

In the UK you will be given 14 years of a life sentence if you caught selling steroids.

An unknown source told the media of UK about the supplies of steroids mainly encircles by young guys ranged between 18-24 years old.

Their objective is to look good and become heavier for the summer holidays and to seduce females with their appearance.

This means the young populations are consuming steroid as a cosmetic product which needs to be taken care of” said Jim McVeigh, a UK expert on steroid misuse.


Not just the UK, but the illegal use of steroids has covered many regions of the world where young men are wasting their money and inner body functions by trusting anabolic steroids as a source of body fuel.

These chemicals are altered and synthesized in the laboratory which ONLY MIMICS the natural hormone.

The results are horrendous afterward though that includes, heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, and stroke.

The government of UK has strictly put a check on steroid use, its consumers and any illegal activities that are being carried throughout the state.

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